Maquinaria para alimentación, hornos, automatización integral.
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Maquinaria, hornos de frutos secos, horno tunel, automatizacion integralMaquinaria para alimentación - CalidadEnglish

horno pasteleria

Lago & Machinery manufactures the Layma® industrial bakery ovens in lengths between 18 and 150 ft, with a number of burners according to the customer's needs, designed to attain the maximum energetic performance in operation and to minimize the processing time.

The hygienical conditions for the product are optimal, much improved over the conventional systems.

The ovens are resized according to the expected production level, and they are thermally isolated.

All our ovens are designed as a modular set, with a variable number of chambers depending on its length. The tubular burners are installed in these chambers.

The baking camera is practicable through isolated openings.

The oven has independent exhaust pipes for vapours and smoke, equipped with a venturi forced extraction system and calculated for exceeding security in gas expansion.

The oven is fully isolated.

Our Layma® industrial bakery tunnel ovens are equipped with a exclusive belt conveyor for bread moulds specially designed for such purpose.

  • Installed thermal power:

  • Total electrical power:

  • Consumption (natural gas):

  • Output (150ft oven, 7.1oz/ud):

80 to 6.000 kW
10 to 100 SHP
6 to 500 Nm3/h
Up to 12.000 uds/h